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Revised Autobiography Adolf Hitler
German History Period 3 April 30, 1945

Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name, as all of you should know, is Adolf Hitler. I have "come here today to tell you of my- life, my beliefs, and my deeds. I do not ask, but demand your respect and greatest attention. I will now begin my fascinating story.
Adolf HitlerAt six o'clock, April 20, 1889, I was born in the Austrian village Brunau, My father, Alois Hitler, was delighted with my birth. Although he was fifty-two years old when I was born, he was married for the third time to Klara Poelzl Hitler, his second cousin. I had seven other siblings. The three before me died in infancy, I came next, then Edmund arrived five years later. My sister, Paula was born two years after that. Two others from my father's second marriage, Alois Jr., and Angela, also lived with me in our house in Brunau. My father, a strong, husky, and highly honored civil service worker, demanded respect from me and my brother, Alois. I gave him respect, only because I was fearful of his hand and his whip. Alois and Father did not get along. Often Alois would be whipped, but the caniving brat deserved it. He was jealous of me because our parents liked me more than him. Alois never cared for me, but when I came to power later in life, he opened a cafe and told everyone that he was my brother, hoping this would boost his sales. Of course, I ordered his cafe closed when I found out about it . I 1oved my mother so much , and she loved me as well. People said that I was a "mother's boy" and spoiled, but I was smarter than any other child in school .
In school I was very bright and lively, but that changed when my brother, Edmund, died of measles at the age of six. I was sorry because I resented all the attention he was getting, and I was no longer pampered. I wished for his death. When he died, it seemed as if it was my fault. This hurt me very deeply, it was one of the few extremely saddening events in my life. I would spend our walking and thinking about this and other things.
At thirteen, I went to a Benedictine monastery school and sang in their choir. The music and architecure of the churches were beautiful, and for the first time I saw what would become my trademark sign, the twisted cross or the "swastika". Because of the power that was shown by the priests I felt that I wanted to become a priest. I also began to realize my talent for drawing architecture. This, too, could be a possible occupation. My father did not approve of either one of these occupations. He wanted me to become a civil servant like himself.
In school, my grades began to drop. All I wanted to do was draw and look at pictures. My father, furious, demanded that I work harder. My grades showed no change. I started to escape reality, and play war games with my classmates. Of course, I always was the leader, and every one had to obey me, and no one else. I would read volumes of Karl May's books. May, a German ex-convict, wrote stories of how "Old Shatterhand" would kill of all the "Redskins" in America. Because of these books, later in life, I named the Jews and other enemies "Redskins".
My grades continued to fall, and my father withdrew me from private school and enrolled me in a public one.
In January, 1903, my -father died. I hated and - feared him, but inside I had respected him. This was the second depressing occurence in my life.
When I was sixteen, three years later, I dropped out of school because of a lung disease. I was so happy when I was able to leave school . I got drunk for the first and last time in my life. I tore up the leaving certificate and used it for toilet paper. The next day, asking for a duplicate, saying I had lost the original , the school director, who managed to get some of the pieces, humiliated me in front of the entire school faculty. This was the most humiliating event in my life.
The next three years, away from school, were the happiest years of my life. I could read, draw buildings in my fantasy world, practice speeches, or go to Richard Wagner operas with my best, and only, friend August Kubizek. I had no job, and I relied on my mother's pension to support me. I forced her to wait on me, just as she should have.
In late 1907, I learned that my mother was critically ill with cancer. I went to Vienna to try and get into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but surprisingly I was turned down because I failed the entrance exam. I could have tried to get into the School of Architecture, even without a high school diploma, but I decided not to.
Some months later, on December 21, 1907, my mother passed away. It was the worst single incident in my life. I still shudder when I think of it. It was a dreadful blow, I had honored, but my mother I had loved. II weeped -for hours at her grave side. The only Jew I had ever cared -For, Doctor Bl och , had led me down.
After this, I left -for Vienna. I would not return to Linz until I was a success. In Vienna, I 1ived in poverty. I 1ived in a -flophouse, had work shoveling snow, carrying suitcases at the Railroad station, and even going so low as to become a carpenter. Using my art talent for profit, I tinted and drew post cards, and then began to sell full-size water colors. I could not shave or bathe for weeks at a time. I wore nothing but lice-ridden trousers and an old undershirt. I looked like a lowly derelict. I ate nothing but bread or soup in a charity line. The one thing I gained was freedom! Freedom to use as I pleased! Most often I would go to the library and read for hours. I read about hypnotism, history, politics, and even yoga. I did not read at random, and I only retained in my mind what was needed.
Vienna was and remained for me the hardest, though most thorough school of my life. In this period there took shape within me a world picture and a philosophy which became the granite foundation of all my acts. In addition to what I then created, I have had to change nothing. It was here, in Vienna, that I learned to lie and bully, and most importantly, how do get people to do what I want them to. Life is a jungle, and only the most vicious survive. I liked the German race more than Austria because they were vicious and seemingly a "Master Race". I hated the smaller countries in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, like Czechs, Slovaks, SIovanes, Croats, Serbs, and the Magyars. They were just in the way of the great power in Germany. Most of al 1 , I hated the Jews. I read of how the Jews were the main problem in the world. It was by duty to rid the world of this problem. They stood for all the wrong things— equality, democracy, and freedom. Free speech, free press, individual representatives for elected assemblies. All theis openess is a sign of weakness. Congresses and parliaments are a complete waste of time. One man, one ruler, one country. You are only happy when a leader tells you exactly what to believe and to do. Peace! Jews want Peace! I HATE PEACE! Life is supposed to be a struggle! Let us keep it that way. In this struggle, the stronger, the more able, win, while the less able, the weak, lose. It is not by principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle. In order to attain goals, you must lie, cheat, kill, anything! By telling lies, people would do aything for you! The bigger the lie, the more probability that some of it will be believed. I chose the Jews as a scapegoat for the world's problems. I made people believe the ugly truth about Judaism. Drumming this into their heads would make me the supreme power.
In May, 1913, I went to Germany. I had finally made it to the land I loved more than any other. Not being able to stand all the Jews in my country, I was forced to leave. Some people may argue and say I left to escape arrest. I did, but that was not a major factor. When I was arrested, I convinced the police that I evaded the army registration in Austria only because I would not have been accepted because of my lung problems. I took the physical examination in 1914, and was -found in too poor end it ion to join the army. I returned to Munich quickly.
In 1914, World War I broke out. That August, I joined the German Army. Finally I -felt I belonged somewhere. The Army was my home. I was a messenger in the front lines. Although I was al way under -fire, the message always got through. As a reward for my valiant work, I got German's highest military award: the Iron Cross, Second Class. When I was in the hospital , recovering from a shell fragment, Communism broke out in Russia. The Reds were either Jews or Jews taking orders from Jews. I began to hate communism as well .
In October, 1918, I was attacked with mustard gas. I lost my sight for some time. Again I was placed in the hospital . I wantyed to get back in the trenches and FISHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! In the hospital , I was informed that the war was over. For the first time since my mother died, I cried. Our nation had been back-stabbed by the politicians who wanted peace instead of war.
I was tired of these traitorous politicians. My country needed a new leader, and that leader would be...ME! I started my shift into power slowly. I lived at a German Army post, only because I could not make a living on the outside. The government gave me a job as a spy, to 1 ok out for dangerous political groups. I went to a meeting of the German Worker's Party. It was a common Anti-Semitic groups in Germany. At the meeting, I felt compelled to give a speech. I did. Apparently the party officials agreed with everything I said about Germany's enemies, and the next day I got a letter in the mail asking me to join the party. I hesitated, thinking I may want to start a party of my own, but two days later I joined. That decision was the most important o-f my life. From here, there would be no turning back. I was inducted as the seventh member of the executive committee.
I took charge of recruiting. Advertising everywhere increased the size of the party dramatically. Within a month, the number of members went from fifty-five to more than two hundred. A mass meeting at a beer hall drew two thousand people. The name of the party changed to The National Socialist German Worker's Party, or phoenetical1y shortened, Nasi.
Next, I wrote a twenty-five point program, which summarised the Nazi ideas. It tore apart the absurd Treaty of Versailles, it also denounced the Weimar Republic, which was the German government set up at the end of the war. Citizenship would be taken away from all Jews, and all the German speaking countries, including Austria and Czechoslovakia, would be united under one flag. At the end of 1921, over six thousand Nazis were registered, with thousands of others favoring the Nazi ideas. I demanded that I become undisputed leader of the group as a reward for my recruiting powers. The other officials, knowning that without me the party would collapse, agreed.
It was then that I organized the uniformed Stormtroopers, or the S.A. They were my own private army, and would do anything I commanded them to do. They would break up other political parties' meetings, and of course, terrorize the Jewish populace. The red, white, and black flag with the swastika was a familiar sight all over Germany. "Germany Awake!", "Sieg Heil, or Hail Victory", and "Heil Hitler!" were all slogans used by my party.
In 1923, German's economy was in desperate trouble. This was perfect -for me. More people would come to the Nazis -for help. I decided this was the time to strike and capture Germany. I would attack Munich and eliminate any opposing -forces. November 9, 1923, my plan went into action. It -failed miserably.
I was arrested and put on trial -for treason. I turned the trial into triumph. I received world coverage, and had a chance to spread my ideas to other nations. The Bavarian judge gave me a surprisingly light sentence, -five years. I served a mere nine months in Landsberg prison, which was more of a cheap hotel than a prison. I had excellent food, the right to see any visitors, and the right to a personal secretary, Rudolf Hess.
It was here I dictated the first part of my autobiography, Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"). I suggest all of you read it some time, it may give some important worldy knowledge.
In December, 1924, I was released from prison on parole. I was ready, once again, to bash in some Jewish skulls. It was time for me to make my move. I worked on my speech, removing my Austrian accent, practiced my gestures, and improved my appearance greatly. The Party had lost members during my stay in prison, and I had to get them back. By 1928, the membership was up to 100,000 people. That year, I persuaded my half-sister, Angela, to keep house for me. My step-nieces, Fried! and Geli , came with her. Gel i was strikingly beautiful , and I took her everywhere, we would walk for hours. I loved her so much. She became jealous when I was with other women, yet she wanted the right to be with other men. I once -Found her in the arms of my chaffeur! One day, we were arguing about her having the right to go back to Vienna, I said no, and left for a meeting. The next day, Geli Raubal , my step-niece, was found shot to death. She committed suicide, instead of spending her life with me. Imagine that I
I was shattered. I was contemplating suicide myself after she had died. I never fell in love again. Everything in her room was kept just as it was. In honor of her death, I became a vegetarian. I had everyone who knew anthing about our affair killed. No one should ever know. Only recently did I decide to tel1 you.
Germany was back in a severe economic depression again in 1929, and this time I would not fail. The elections in 1930 for the German governing body, the Reichstag, proved to be profitable. The Nazis held 107 out of 491 seats in the Reichstag, the second highest party. With the funds from charity to to my party, I recruited more S.A., and organized a youth group. The 1932 election was even better than the 1930. 14,000,000 votes and 230 seets were taken. I was the real power in Germany now! The leaders of other parties invited him to discuss the formation of a new government. It was then I had them in my pocket. They recognized me as a parter in their negotiations. A second vote was held in Germany, the Nazis lost 34 seats in the Reichstag. I campaigned non-stop for more support. Businessmen, bankers, and generals wanted me in power because the Communist system would reduce their profits and action dramatically. I had five S.A.'s kill a Communist -factory worker as a show o-f force. This showed to the rest of the government that blood would flow like water if I was not made Chancellor of Germany. In January, 1933, I became the Chancellor. A majority of Non-Nazis were put in the cabinet to keep me from taking too much power. It did not work.
I had some assistants before, during, and after I was chancellor. Ernst Roehm, a street fighter, was the head of the S.A.. He recruited all the drug addicts, professional killers, and ex-convicts which made up the S.A. Hermann Goering, who flew with the Red Baron in World War I, was a key fund raiser in the party. He was married to a Swedish Countess, giving him high social status. Ply secretary, Rudolf Hess, believed it was necessary to bring order and military glory to the country. That is why he was my Deputy-in-Command. Julius Streicher was editor of Der Stuermer, the Nazi hate magazine. Like myself, he always carried a whip, and bragged of the way he tortured Jews. Torture was indeed his specialty. Joseph Goebbels was in charge of propaganda. He advertised hatred for Jews and Communists everywhere. Heinrich Himmler was a former chicken farmer who led my elite guard, the Stormtroopers, and the Gestapo, the secret police. His hobbies included collecting human skulls and coming up with new ways to kill and torture prisoners in my concentration camps.
A month after I went into command, I had the S.A. burn down the Reichstag building. I blamed it on the Communists, and almost everyone believed it.
I managed to push the extremely useful "Enabling Law" through the Reichstag by bribing and threatening the leaders. Next, declaring an emergency, I took away all constitutional rights -from citizens. This let me arrest and sentence anyone without a trial. I eliminated all labor unions by bashing the skulls o-f the leaders. All other political parties were illegal .
I seized control o-f all medias, nothing would be said that I did not want said. Soon, I had to eliminate Ernst Roehm and the rest o-f the S.A.. Special troops, sworn to loyalty were used to eliminate Roehm and the S.A. After Roehm was dragged out of bed and driven to jail at 3 o'clock in the morning, we held a one minute trial , then promptly executed him. In that hour I was reponsible for the fate of the German people. I became the supreme judge of the German people. A few weeks later, the president of Germany died. I combined his powers with my own. I was the ultimate power in Germany and all of the world. Brutal¬ity is respected. Brutality and physical strength. The plain man in the street respects nothing but brutal strength and ruthlessness. If a people is to become free it needs pride and will power, defiance, HATE, HATE, AND ONCE AGAIN HATE.
My hate for Jews built up more and more over the years. I love to hear tales of the tortures inflicted upon them. I once rounded up 20,000 Jews after some killed a police officer. Then my hate spread toward Christianity. It was nothing more than a disease for the weak and feminine. Christianity merely preached such stupid ideas as love, kindness and mercy. The priests and nuns, especially in the Protestant clergy would sweat in fear when you talk to them. They were uteriy useless in a race of super people. I had the bible removed -from every home and had the greatest of all documents, Mein Kampf, placed their in it's pi ace.
I placed Germany back in economic prosperity by giving jobs to every unemployed person. They could work on the Autobahnen, or superhighways. Planes, tanks, and submarines could be built by workers. Thousands received jobs as Nasi military workers and Stormtroopers.
Now that I had taken over Germany, I wanted to take more land. I wanted to make the Russian Ukraine part of my dominion. The people there were either killed or made into slaves. We had molded the best of them to the shape that suited us, and we had isolated the rest of them in their own pig-sties; and any German who talked about saving the local inhabitants and civilizing him goes straight off into a concentration camp.
I had a plan to crush the redskins with only 250,000 soldiers. We could keep them happy with glass beads and scarves, while holding them in terror with the concentration camps. For them, the word "liberty" means the right to wash on feast days. I had withdrawn Germany from the League of Nations in 1934, and in 1936 marched my troops through the Rhine!and, claiming it Germany's. The League did nothing. In 1931, Japan attacked Manchuria. The League did nothing. In 1935, Benito Mussolini captured Ethiopia. The League did nothing. The time was ripe. On the morning of March 12, 1938, I marched into my homeland, Austria, with my troops. They welcomed me as a hero. Thousands in Vienna and Brunau cheered me. I was a success. Soon after
Austria became part of Germany. In 1939, I sent troops into western Czechoslovakia, claiming it mine. Finally, France and England realized that I was taking over every land in the world. On September 1,1939, I launched a lightning attack on Poland. In one month I had ruled Poland as well. France and England then declared war on Germany and myself. In April , 1940, I captured Denmark in two hours. By June, Norway was mine as well. I boldly attacked the French resistance, which soon crumbled. Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg were defeated. We occupied all of the Western European continent from the Arctic Ocean to the Pyrenes mountains, from the English Channel to the Vistula River.
I had avenged the defeat of Germany in World War I. It was now, under the facade of war that I could commit all the racial murder that pleased me.
I could exterminate every Jewish person on this Earth. The S.S. could round all the undesirables in a concentration camp, and then torture them, ripping Jewish babies apart, in front of their mothers, having the adults and children dig their graves, get shot by the S.S. machine guns, then die in their lowly pits. Those who survived the bullets were clubbed to death by shovels. Some were buried alive. The S.S. would hang them by their hands then beat them with rubber hoses, or throw the babies in pots of boiling water. This was too slow for us, we needed mass killings. Huge ovens or gas chambers were used to accomplish this quickly. On the way to camps, quicklime would be placed on the railroad car beds to burn through their skins.
Although all this torture was amusing, my armies had actually started to lose the war against Russia. On December 5, 1941, my drive was stopped just short o-f Moscow. On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan. I declared war on America, believing that Japan would take my side in the War. They did not. The United States went against me as well. Three years later, after may battles, most o-f them lost by Germany, the War had come to an end. Nothing o-f Germany should have been left. I ordered everything destroyed. Not a German stalk of wheat is to be feed the enemy, not a German mouth to give him information, not a German hand to offer him help. He is to find nothing but death, annihilation and hatred.
My empire had fallen apart. On April 30, 1945, I., and Eva Braun, who I had married the day before, committed suicide.
Or so they believe.



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